August, 2009: A supporting role
as a villain in "
Hard Way Heroes"
directed by Leo Fong.
July, 2009 producer/writer/actress
in first short film "
Game of Chess"
May, 2008: Kate's Dinner Friend in
February, 2008: Uganda Villager
in a short film "
October, 2008: "Ghetto Physics"
in a supporting role.
September, 2008: "Do Not
" as Ebony's bestfriend of
lead Niecy Nash.
January, 2006:  Supporting role in
Nothing But a Thang".
June, 2009 featured in The Official
Cotton Candy Pinup Girls Fan
Featured in February 2010 issue of
Family Time magazine.
Special Guest on April 20th,
Tuesdays at The Wood, in Dallas.
Oct 22 & 23, 2011 - 18th Annual
AA Film Marketplace and Short
Film Showcase
, producer/actress,  
Jerry's Scary's Series "Ouch!".  
Click Link for more info and
ticket prices.
Guest-Starring as Priscilla in a
secular faith-based TV Show "
Thee Behind Me".   Airs on Punch
TV Network.  Check your local
listing and time.
New Years Eve 2011 Red Carpet
Launch Party with
Punch TV
Copyright 2007 - Shanequa Reed, Inc. All rights reserved.
Featured in The American Dream
Newspaper, January 2011, pg 6.
Print Model for book cover titled
The Complexity of Love" and
Actress in trailer(book preview).
Created company Eccentric Rouge